Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music = Love.

So.. unfortunately, I did not win the signed ARC of The Iron Knight (as mentioned in the earlier post).
But I'm totally okay with that.
It would have been fun, but I can still get the book October 25. Or at least that's when it's released.
And I can wait. Less than a month. I think.. Haha. (:

Since school has started it's been pretty good.
I mean, as good as school can get, I guess.
Some classes are better than others.
But, it's nice seeing friends again. I missed them all.

I haven't really had much to say lately..
Oh wait!
I just remembered.
I learned the song Blubird by Sara Bareilles on the piano, that I sing to.
So, I recorded myself doing that.
It was lots of fun, and I really love that song.
The quality is kinda bad.. but ya. (:

I learned it for my sister, Clara. She just went to college at the beginning of this month.
And I felt it was a good symolism type thing. (:
So.. that's that.
And that's pretty much all that is knew.

Although, I am going to a Young Women fireside - like thing tonight.
And  there is a ten virgins performance that my mommy is in!
She is such a beautiful singer, and we get to hear a whole solo song from her!
I love it. I'm excited and nervous for her.
But that will be fun to go to.

I also got some new eye shadow today. They're "tropical" colors.
Very vibrant.
A dark blue.. a turquoise-like color.. a peachy/coral... and a lime green.
All so pretty!
I like them lots. Thanks to my mom for finding it for me. And buying it. (:
So.. today is pretty good so far. (:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Iron Knight!

So, you know how I've been reading this Iron Fey Series?
Well I finished the third book! I was so exciting when I got my order into Barnes and Noble!
I read the whole book in 2 days!
Ya.. I liked it that much.
But so, there's a fourth book to the series, and I'm so excited for it to come out. (:
The Iron Knight!
And all the other three books have been from the perspective of Meghan, the main character..
but now this book is from the point of Ash, once a supporting character.
So but.. I was reading the blog by Julie Kagawa (The author of the books) and she mentioned a contest!
And I SOO want to participate!
Possible signed arc of The Iron Knight as a prize!!
That would make my day..

So anyways.. I have to plan my perfect day with either Puck or Ash (the two love interests in the books) and maybe I will win! :D

So, I would pick to spend a day with Puck, I think. (:
I would get all dolled up, and he would come to my house, and I'd take him in my cute beat up Ford f150, and we would drive to the park and have a picnic and swing on the swings, maybe even go overboard and jump off of them while in mid-air! Fun. Then.. after being at the park, (he probably wouldn't feel too good if we stayed there too long around all the swings..) we'd go through a trod to the Nevernever, visit the Summer Court, avoiding Titania of course, so he could show me around, maybe to see some of his secret places he likes to hang out at. We would just talk, maybe I could rest my head on his shoulder, since we'd been doing some good walking around. After resting a bit, we could go crash the Winter Court, find Ash, and say hi where I would probably get his autograph and have him kiss my cheek! (A friendly gesture for a big fan.) Then I could see Puck and Ash have a friendly sword battle to show off, then I could get a lesson from them on how to sword fight! After that, Puck and I would leave thanking Ash for the fun (leaving a little prank on Ash of course) and go back to the real world for some ice cream in Food For Less, where Puck would grab my hand and force me to run around the whole store reeking havoc upon the shoppers and cashiers. (Hehehe..) Then, becoming tired again, go back to my house and re-read the good heroic parts that Puck performs in each three of the books, along with the funny things he says and does. Becoming tired I would call it a night in which I would get in bed and puck would sit next to me and hum a song to put me to sleep, kiss me on the forehead goodnight, and leave me a note on my nightstand saying he would like to do this again and invite me to visit the Nevernever anytime I would like where he can show me more of his secret hiding places. (:

So that would be my perfect day with Puck. (:
I really hope I did well with my personality and imagination!
I sure enjoyed coming up with it!
And would extra enjoy if I could actually have that day!

And who knows.. I might just win. (:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Reading in peace outside.

Last night I set my alarm for 6:15 am, and this morning I woke up..
But then I went back to sleep thinking, I'll just sleep for a little bit longer.
But I ended up sleeping for like 3 more hours.. Haha.

But that was okay.
Anyways.. I set my alarm, cause I was planning on going outside in my backyard to read.
We have a nice couch outside. (:

And that is what I did.
But unfortunately, cause I had woken up later, like 9 am, it was already pretty hot outside.
(I kinda wanted to watch the sunrise, maybe I'll try to actually wake up tomorrow. Also then, it won't be so hot.)
I went outside with my pillow, blanket, and scriptures, and sat to read.
A little afterwards I brought out an umbrella to block away some sun.
It was really nice, but it got pretty hot, and I can only stand being around bugs for so long.
But I do love the sunshine. (:

So but, it was really nice getting up this morning.
But I'm gonna try it again tomorrow morning, see if I can get up earlier.

Also! I'm gonna be getting the third book to the Faery series, that I've been reading, later today! :D
So excited.

Another good day. (:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sleep in.

Today was a nice relaxing day.
I got to sleep in.
Tiill... 2:00 pm.
But it's okay, cause I got to play volleyball with some friends, so I still got some stuff in my day.
Plus, my mom got me some yummy quick fried chicken from Asian Grill. (:
The new episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King today, man, it was chalk full of drama!
And of course my dad had to keep commenting on it, haha.
It was funny. (:
I'm excited for next week's!
Every Tuesday. Yes please.
The family ended our day with So You Think You Can Dance and  Modern Family.

I'm going camping tomorrow by the coast! With lots of friends.
Should be fun!
From tomorrow to Saturday.
S'mores! (:

Ps. I finished my book yesterday night. The sequel to the Faery Series.
Now I need the third! They're just SO GOOD!!
Have you ever had it where you read a book and loved it so much, you wished you could forget the whole book you read, so you could read it all over again and have the same "loving" and enjoyable feeling again?
That's how I feel with this book.
For both books, in fact.
So excited for the third! :D
Am I obsessed?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pretty good.

Wake up at nine.
Read from the Old Testament Manual.
Breakfast drink and toast.
Go on a walk.
Clean out bedroom night stand drawer.
Burger King Whopper Jr. with fries and a root beer.
Barnes and Noble.
Curl up with a good book.
Chicken pot pie dinner.
Read some more.
Watch Bachelorette finale.
Read even more.
Start opening a Cutie tangerine.
Write in my blog. (:
Later today... Read.

It felt good to get out in the sun today, and get the sequel to the faery book.
Plus a yummy dinner...
Pretty good day.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A good and simple day.

Just to let you know,
I finished Yearbook!
Very good book. (:

My mom made biscuits for the family this morning, and had everyone get up to eat together.
We didn't have any gravy, unfortunately.
But we did have some yummy strawberry jelly.
It was delicious.

I curled my hair today, as did Clara.
I like to curl my hair because it makes me feel pretty, plus since I never really have the time or energy to do it, once I do curl my hair, it's nice for a change.

Clara and I were joking and laughing a lot today.
I liked it. (:
We like to make fun of different things.
Like Demi Lovato with her new song Skyscraper.
We think it's funny, the different faces she makes in the music video, what she's wearing in it, and sometimes the way she sings it.
But don't get me wrong, I really like the song.
And Karmin covers version of it on youtube is really good too!

My parents took the whole family including Cooper's wife and Clara's boyfriend to dinner.
We went to Pasta Piatti. Delicious!
I got squash ravioli with biscotti.
It was lots of fun being with everyone.

Plus I saw Jared, Clara's boyfriend, and even though I may not want to admit it, it was nice to see him again. He's like my older brother. (:

Today was a good day. (:

Scary... I'm so thankful...

Today was a very interesting day. (You'll see in the next paragraph.)
I've been reading the book Yearbook, and i'm almost done!
That went by quickly.
But I haven't had much else to do, except read.
I like this book too, because it is not only written by a Mormon,
but it has some LDS characters in it!
Reading this, it brings up some certain topics that are nice to remember.
A little reminder inside all the entertainment. (:

Besides watching a new episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King,
My brother and sister, Cooper and Clara, and I went to Senor Sams...
Aaaanndd... Clarapassedoutinfrontoftherestaurant.
Okay, so Clara had been saying she was feeling weak and didn't feel very good.
She had sat down twice in the process of ordering.
Once we were on our way walking out the door, I thought she was okay,
but once we were out the door, Clara's feet started to buckle from underneath her, and she fell forward, falling onto the hood and windshield of a van that was parked there!
She had passed out, and Cooper was trying to hold her up.
Like "dead weight". Haha.
I didn't know what to do, but I was freaking out!
Thank goodness Cooper was there, or things could have been pretty bad.
Also, thank goodness that car was there right outside of the doorway.
Otherwise Clara would have fallen right onto the asphalt.
Talk about breaking something!
But I felt so blessed that we had the people we did, (Also, some ladies saw her pass out, and came running out of the restaurant to help) and that that car was where it was, and that it happened when it did.

And yes.. I did start crying and shaking from the whole shock of it.
And it looked much more "shock" worthy than it sounds, so I wasn't being TOO over dramatic.
Or at least, that's what I think.
But truth is, I am not very good under stressful or scary situations usually.
I freak out if I find a spider in the sink of the bathroom, for goodness sakes!
But... I had never seen anyone pass out before, and especially not ramming into the front of someones car.

As I had told Clara later in the day, "Every time I have a free moment where my mind is blank, that flash back always pops into my head."

But anyways.. Clara is fine. (:
She just busted her lip a little, and hit her knee.
Turns out she hadn't eaten nearly anything all day.
We ate afterwards while joking about it.
I like that about us kids.
We can just joke about it, and it's all okay again. (:

Tonight we watched Hairspray.
It had been a long time since I had seen it, so it was nice to watch it again.
I realized I really like that movie. It makes me laugh, and I LOVE the music in it.
Really talented people in that movie. (:
(Plus it helped take my mind off of things.)

Even though it would have been nice to not have Clara pass out today,
I realized everything is in a place for a reason, and happens for a reason.
I can really see that now, because Clara just came out with a minor cut and bruise. (:
Our Heavenly Father watches over us at all times.
I'm so grateful, and love Him.
And I know. He loves us. (:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love my family.

So, yesterday and today have been pretty much the same as the whole week has gone.
I've just been hanging around the house, watching TV, checking out Facebook.
I've also been re-reading this book I really like.
It's called The Iron King. It's part of an "Iron Fey Series". I really like it.
But I want to get the sequel to it, so I can read something new, but I guess it's good to re-read the first book to remember everything before starting the new one.

Yesterday my oldest sister, Lucy, texted "I love you!" just randomly during the day.
It made my day, just to hear a little something from her.
We got to talking, and it was nice just to chat for a while.
I don't really get to talk to her much, so it was nice. (:

Also, Tuesday, I was in the mood to clean the house a little. I was home alone, and just did my normal dishes and kitchen chore, but also did a lot more around the house.
It felt good.
So but yesterday, my dad invited me to lunch to Yummy Yans for all my hard work.
I was excited to go out and get out of the house on a nice little date with my dad. (:
The food was delicious and I enjoyed the company.

Today I woke up to wheels rolling on the hardwood floor hallway.
It was my moms suitcase. She was home!
So I got up and joined my sister who naturally was home also, to watch some TV.
And my mom was so sweet, she got me two gifts from her trip,
but apparently one of the gifts was a snow globe, and since they took their trip by plane, it had to be confiscated! Isn't that so sad and unfortunately mean!
Even though they couldn't help it and had to do their job.. it's seemed mean..
Anyways. I also got a really cute shirt. I was so thankful. (:

For a lot of today, I layed in bed reading.
And not only that faery book, but I decided to look at my little selection of books in my night stand.
I found one called Yearbook.
It's interesting so far. The author takes each character into one chapter at a time.
Sort of like reading 10 small books at once!
The goal is to show you the stories behind the pictures in the yearbook.
Very clever. (:

I realized I think I like to read because it is like having the adventure, romance, and courage I feel like I don't have. Along with other characteristics I wish I could develop. Like it can fill a hole that I can't fill right now on my own.
But don't think it's sad.
I don't necessarily need romance or adventure in my life, and I have enough courage to last me for now.
But in a world where you have the adventure of fighting iron dragons, and evil kings, you need more courage, and it may be easier to find romance. (:
So I read in order to find that different world, but then I can go right back to my wonderful life I have now. (:
It's a good mix.

Anyways.. sorry, this is a long entry.
But I had a lot to say.
I think the lesson of the day is that I love my life right now, with all my family and even though I like to read of all these crazier stories of other people's lives, I can know that mine is the best and all I need. (:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good morning! Or should I say... Good afternoon!

It's another one of those days where I actually wake up at a pretty descent hour, but decide to just lay in bed for a couple hours.
Then my brother pokes his head into my bedroom asking me if I know what time it is, like I've been asleep. And this morning the answer was 2:00 pm.
Which actually isn't that bad, considering I had been laying there for a while.

I've realized I need to try and Do something with my life, for goodness sakes.
It seems like each day is the same.
Get up... get onto some electronical device... eat... play piano... get onto a different electronical device... eat... sleep.
I mean, how boring is that?? And it's honking summer, yet I still don't do anything.
Plus, now that summer is like half way through.. that should really put me into gear, but I guess it hasn't really hit me yet that it's almost over.
And I guess I'm really bad at making plans too...
I don't really take the time to call or text anyone and ask.

Anyways, maybe I'll figure it out someday and actually make my life at least kind of interesting.
Get up at 8:00 am and 'go for a run' as my brother mentioned yesterday.
We'll see...

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm going to try this out.

Sooo... I'm not exactly sure how this whole blog thing works yet.. but I'm going to try it out.
Actually, to tell you the truth, I was really in the mood to type today for some reason, and since I had nothing to write about, I just went onto Word and started rambling about nothing.
At first, I was going to try and think of something to write about.. like a story.
Then I thought..
I always liked to read my sister, Lucy's blog, and I guess I decided I would 'copy' her, and make one myself.
And, here I am.
Plus, this week my mom and other sister went out of town for her graduation, so I thought might as well have something to do all day instead of sitting around watching TV and doing nothing.. (:
It was a great excuse to start.

Since yesterday was Sunday, I went to church with my family, then my sister and mom went to the airport a little after they got home and napped, so that left me and my dad at home.
We ate the dinner my mom made us before she left, then we decided we wanted to watch something on TV. But since on Sundays we like to keep the house in a mood to remember it's the sabbath, my dad always likes watching nature shows.
We flipped through the channels and found the Planet Green channel.
I had never heard of it before, or seen it.
It had an Extreme Hawaii show on at first, which was pretty interesting.
'Surfers' were trying to ride the huge white water waves of Hawaii..
but then a new show came on. It was about Yellowstone.
But not the human side of things, the wild. It was a huge documentary of the animals that live there.
It was so interesting and cool to watch.
I liked commenting on it with my dad, and seeing all of the wonderful animals and the way they interact with each other.
Plus it's in HD! How could it get any better??
It was nice. (:
But so this morning I couldn't sleep and got up at like.. 8:30 am, which is really early for me, considering I normally wake up at like.. 11:30-12:00 am.
But it felt good.
I just turned on the TV, and realized it was still on the same Planet Green channel, and figured, might as well watch and see what it's about.
It was first about the making of huge buildings in New York, then a new episode came on of the making of the Statue of Liberty. It was very interesting.
I didn't know she was made of Copper, so she had the color of a penny when first made, but as it sat under the sun, it turned green!
It was so interesting and I loved watching the process of it all.
So.. I realized I really like that channel. In fact, it's still on as I'm writing this. But... I think I'll watch this channel now if there's nothing recorded or on Disney channel. (: