Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good morning! Or should I say... Good afternoon!

It's another one of those days where I actually wake up at a pretty descent hour, but decide to just lay in bed for a couple hours.
Then my brother pokes his head into my bedroom asking me if I know what time it is, like I've been asleep. And this morning the answer was 2:00 pm.
Which actually isn't that bad, considering I had been laying there for a while.

I've realized I need to try and Do something with my life, for goodness sakes.
It seems like each day is the same.
Get up... get onto some electronical device... eat... play piano... get onto a different electronical device... eat... sleep.
I mean, how boring is that?? And it's honking summer, yet I still don't do anything.
Plus, now that summer is like half way through.. that should really put me into gear, but I guess it hasn't really hit me yet that it's almost over.
And I guess I'm really bad at making plans too...
I don't really take the time to call or text anyone and ask.

Anyways, maybe I'll figure it out someday and actually make my life at least kind of interesting.
Get up at 8:00 am and 'go for a run' as my brother mentioned yesterday.
We'll see...

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