Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beach Cruiser

Arrived in Sunriver today! Love this place.
It's beautiful, family friendly, and tends to be cooler than home.

The only thing I do not like are the mosquitos! Ack!
But I do enjoy bike rides around all the trees.
Especially when it's on a beach cruiser. (:

Photo credit to my older sister.

Snapshot of an Instagram video.

What a wonderful world we live in. (:

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Just a little short something today.

I just want to say how blessed I feel to live in this time.
The biggest problem I have is not having a good air conditioner in my home!
And we still have fans! Hah.

I'm so happy I have great friends and family who love me.
What a happy life I live.

First day of work is tomorrow. (:
I'm excited and nervous.
Those two feelings tend to be paired up a lot. Hah.

Well.. good Sunday.
Went to church with my friends and sisters, then had dinner with my family and with two friends from church.
We had good conversations while eating stake, baked potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots.
And we had some good laughs.
I like to laugh.

Wrote a good friend on a mission an email.
Hope I get a reply.

Ready for a new week, to bring good times. We're going to Sunriver!
Well.. good day. (:

Saturday, June 29, 2013

SPF 50.

This might be my last Saturday that I'm able to sleep in really late and just lounge around the house.
How sad is that??
But kinda not, cause that means I get to be productive and not just hit the refresh button over and over on Facebook, and I will actually know what to do with my time. Plus, since I'll probably be working on Saturdays, that means racking in the dough! Woohoo!

So today has been a good day. Like I said, I slept in real late, and did my normal Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram browsing while still lounging in my bed. Then I got up, had a few bowls of delicious Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with almonds. Yum.

And a good productive part of my day was when I was able to go outside with my mom and dad, and plant some beautiful petunias in our backyard. So I lathered up with some of that good SPF 50, put my cap on, and went out in the beating sun to make some beauty.

So my mom laid out all the flowers where she wanted them.

Then with my gloves and little shovel, I dug a little hole, and placed them all in, being sure to cover them up with the surrounding dirt.

And voila! My work is done, and you've got beautiful flowers.
I even had this spiffy little stool to sit on!

And whenever I look out our windows to the backyard, or go outside to read, I can see them there and know a good afternoon of hard work has not gone to waste. (:

Now I know how much work my mom goes through each year to ensure we have a beautiful view of flowers in our yards. It was actual work! But satisfying nonetheless.

So.. that was the big part of my day. Of course I did get a yummy bagel sandwich with mayo, ham, tomatoes, avocado, and sprouts afterwards! Um.. Yum!

So to finish off this nice Saturday, I will be going to the movie in the park with my friends where we will play on the playground, then enjoy the awesome movie entitled The Amazing Spiderman. Me gusta Andrew Garfield!

Overall, a perdy darn good day. It's nice to take some time with family and create beauty around us.
To take the time to stop and smell the roses. Or... petunias. (:

Friday, June 28, 2013

New look, new theme, new me.

So basically, soon my life is about to take a big leap forward.
Things are happening, and I think it's time to document it.

So.. In this past month, a few changes have taken place.

1. Graduated from stinkin high school! (Believe it or not, that was an actual achievement.)

2. Registered for college classes! That's right everybody, it's official now.

3. Got my first job! Heck to the yes! And it's not fast food, bonus.

Basically three big important steps in starting my future. Not scary at all.. ha.. ha.
But I'm really excited, and nervous.

Thus, with so many life changes, I felt it fitting to change a couple other things too.
That being, this blog. Of course, if this is you're first time on here, you wouldn't really know that, would you?
Well.. it looks awesome and more colorful, and I like it. (:

I also felt, maybe I could attempt to change the theme of this blog too.
But I haven't really pinned down anything, so you'll just have to wait and see.
Maybe the theme will be multiple topics.
I'm thinking.. music, cooking, photography, deep reflections, basically life. We'll see where my thoughts take me. (:

So, with all these changes, an update on the Sydney department is also in store.
Not changing myself literally, but just beginning to learn more about who I actually am.
As I'm getting ready to start my new job, and go to college, I have to figure out who I really want to be.
I can start completely new! Blank sheet of paper.
So let's get coloring like madmen!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music = Love.

So.. unfortunately, I did not win the signed ARC of The Iron Knight (as mentioned in the earlier post).
But I'm totally okay with that.
It would have been fun, but I can still get the book October 25. Or at least that's when it's released.
And I can wait. Less than a month. I think.. Haha. (:

Since school has started it's been pretty good.
I mean, as good as school can get, I guess.
Some classes are better than others.
But, it's nice seeing friends again. I missed them all.

I haven't really had much to say lately..
Oh wait!
I just remembered.
I learned the song Blubird by Sara Bareilles on the piano, that I sing to.
So, I recorded myself doing that.
It was lots of fun, and I really love that song.
The quality is kinda bad.. but ya. (:

I learned it for my sister, Clara. She just went to college at the beginning of this month.
And I felt it was a good symolism type thing. (:
So.. that's that.
And that's pretty much all that is knew.

Although, I am going to a Young Women fireside - like thing tonight.
And  there is a ten virgins performance that my mommy is in!
She is such a beautiful singer, and we get to hear a whole solo song from her!
I love it. I'm excited and nervous for her.
But that will be fun to go to.

I also got some new eye shadow today. They're "tropical" colors.
Very vibrant.
A dark blue.. a turquoise-like color.. a peachy/coral... and a lime green.
All so pretty!
I like them lots. Thanks to my mom for finding it for me. And buying it. (:
So.. today is pretty good so far. (:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Iron Knight!

So, you know how I've been reading this Iron Fey Series?
Well I finished the third book! I was so exciting when I got my order into Barnes and Noble!
I read the whole book in 2 days!
Ya.. I liked it that much.
But so, there's a fourth book to the series, and I'm so excited for it to come out. (:
The Iron Knight!
And all the other three books have been from the perspective of Meghan, the main character..
but now this book is from the point of Ash, once a supporting character.
So but.. I was reading the blog by Julie Kagawa (The author of the books) and she mentioned a contest!
And I SOO want to participate!
Possible signed arc of The Iron Knight as a prize!!
That would make my day..

So anyways.. I have to plan my perfect day with either Puck or Ash (the two love interests in the books) and maybe I will win! :D

So, I would pick to spend a day with Puck, I think. (:
I would get all dolled up, and he would come to my house, and I'd take him in my cute beat up Ford f150, and we would drive to the park and have a picnic and swing on the swings, maybe even go overboard and jump off of them while in mid-air! Fun. Then.. after being at the park, (he probably wouldn't feel too good if we stayed there too long around all the swings..) we'd go through a trod to the Nevernever, visit the Summer Court, avoiding Titania of course, so he could show me around, maybe to see some of his secret places he likes to hang out at. We would just talk, maybe I could rest my head on his shoulder, since we'd been doing some good walking around. After resting a bit, we could go crash the Winter Court, find Ash, and say hi where I would probably get his autograph and have him kiss my cheek! (A friendly gesture for a big fan.) Then I could see Puck and Ash have a friendly sword battle to show off, then I could get a lesson from them on how to sword fight! After that, Puck and I would leave thanking Ash for the fun (leaving a little prank on Ash of course) and go back to the real world for some ice cream in Food For Less, where Puck would grab my hand and force me to run around the whole store reeking havoc upon the shoppers and cashiers. (Hehehe..) Then, becoming tired again, go back to my house and re-read the good heroic parts that Puck performs in each three of the books, along with the funny things he says and does. Becoming tired I would call it a night in which I would get in bed and puck would sit next to me and hum a song to put me to sleep, kiss me on the forehead goodnight, and leave me a note on my nightstand saying he would like to do this again and invite me to visit the Nevernever anytime I would like where he can show me more of his secret hiding places. (:

So that would be my perfect day with Puck. (:
I really hope I did well with my personality and imagination!
I sure enjoyed coming up with it!
And would extra enjoy if I could actually have that day!

And who knows.. I might just win. (:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Reading in peace outside.

Last night I set my alarm for 6:15 am, and this morning I woke up..
But then I went back to sleep thinking, I'll just sleep for a little bit longer.
But I ended up sleeping for like 3 more hours.. Haha.

But that was okay.
Anyways.. I set my alarm, cause I was planning on going outside in my backyard to read.
We have a nice couch outside. (:

And that is what I did.
But unfortunately, cause I had woken up later, like 9 am, it was already pretty hot outside.
(I kinda wanted to watch the sunrise, maybe I'll try to actually wake up tomorrow. Also then, it won't be so hot.)
I went outside with my pillow, blanket, and scriptures, and sat to read.
A little afterwards I brought out an umbrella to block away some sun.
It was really nice, but it got pretty hot, and I can only stand being around bugs for so long.
But I do love the sunshine. (:

So but, it was really nice getting up this morning.
But I'm gonna try it again tomorrow morning, see if I can get up earlier.

Also! I'm gonna be getting the third book to the Faery series, that I've been reading, later today! :D
So excited.

Another good day. (: