Friday, June 28, 2013

New look, new theme, new me.

So basically, soon my life is about to take a big leap forward.
Things are happening, and I think it's time to document it.

So.. In this past month, a few changes have taken place.

1. Graduated from stinkin high school! (Believe it or not, that was an actual achievement.)

2. Registered for college classes! That's right everybody, it's official now.

3. Got my first job! Heck to the yes! And it's not fast food, bonus.

Basically three big important steps in starting my future. Not scary at all.. ha.. ha.
But I'm really excited, and nervous.

Thus, with so many life changes, I felt it fitting to change a couple other things too.
That being, this blog. Of course, if this is you're first time on here, you wouldn't really know that, would you?
Well.. it looks awesome and more colorful, and I like it. (:

I also felt, maybe I could attempt to change the theme of this blog too.
But I haven't really pinned down anything, so you'll just have to wait and see.
Maybe the theme will be multiple topics.
I'm thinking.. music, cooking, photography, deep reflections, basically life. We'll see where my thoughts take me. (:

So, with all these changes, an update on the Sydney department is also in store.
Not changing myself literally, but just beginning to learn more about who I actually am.
As I'm getting ready to start my new job, and go to college, I have to figure out who I really want to be.
I can start completely new! Blank sheet of paper.
So let's get coloring like madmen!

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