Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music = Love.

So.. unfortunately, I did not win the signed ARC of The Iron Knight (as mentioned in the earlier post).
But I'm totally okay with that.
It would have been fun, but I can still get the book October 25. Or at least that's when it's released.
And I can wait. Less than a month. I think.. Haha. (:

Since school has started it's been pretty good.
I mean, as good as school can get, I guess.
Some classes are better than others.
But, it's nice seeing friends again. I missed them all.

I haven't really had much to say lately..
Oh wait!
I just remembered.
I learned the song Blubird by Sara Bareilles on the piano, that I sing to.
So, I recorded myself doing that.
It was lots of fun, and I really love that song.
The quality is kinda bad.. but ya. (:

I learned it for my sister, Clara. She just went to college at the beginning of this month.
And I felt it was a good symolism type thing. (:
So.. that's that.
And that's pretty much all that is knew.

Although, I am going to a Young Women fireside - like thing tonight.
And  there is a ten virgins performance that my mommy is in!
She is such a beautiful singer, and we get to hear a whole solo song from her!
I love it. I'm excited and nervous for her.
But that will be fun to go to.

I also got some new eye shadow today. They're "tropical" colors.
Very vibrant.
A dark blue.. a turquoise-like color.. a peachy/coral... and a lime green.
All so pretty!
I like them lots. Thanks to my mom for finding it for me. And buying it. (:
So.. today is pretty good so far. (:

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