Friday, August 12, 2011

Reading in peace outside.

Last night I set my alarm for 6:15 am, and this morning I woke up..
But then I went back to sleep thinking, I'll just sleep for a little bit longer.
But I ended up sleeping for like 3 more hours.. Haha.

But that was okay.
Anyways.. I set my alarm, cause I was planning on going outside in my backyard to read.
We have a nice couch outside. (:

And that is what I did.
But unfortunately, cause I had woken up later, like 9 am, it was already pretty hot outside.
(I kinda wanted to watch the sunrise, maybe I'll try to actually wake up tomorrow. Also then, it won't be so hot.)
I went outside with my pillow, blanket, and scriptures, and sat to read.
A little afterwards I brought out an umbrella to block away some sun.
It was really nice, but it got pretty hot, and I can only stand being around bugs for so long.
But I do love the sunshine. (:

So but, it was really nice getting up this morning.
But I'm gonna try it again tomorrow morning, see if I can get up earlier.

Also! I'm gonna be getting the third book to the Faery series, that I've been reading, later today! :D
So excited.

Another good day. (:

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