Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sleep in.

Today was a nice relaxing day.
I got to sleep in.
Tiill... 2:00 pm.
But it's okay, cause I got to play volleyball with some friends, so I still got some stuff in my day.
Plus, my mom got me some yummy quick fried chicken from Asian Grill. (:
The new episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King today, man, it was chalk full of drama!
And of course my dad had to keep commenting on it, haha.
It was funny. (:
I'm excited for next week's!
Every Tuesday. Yes please.
The family ended our day with So You Think You Can Dance and  Modern Family.

I'm going camping tomorrow by the coast! With lots of friends.
Should be fun!
From tomorrow to Saturday.
S'mores! (:

Ps. I finished my book yesterday night. The sequel to the Faery Series.
Now I need the third! They're just SO GOOD!!
Have you ever had it where you read a book and loved it so much, you wished you could forget the whole book you read, so you could read it all over again and have the same "loving" and enjoyable feeling again?
That's how I feel with this book.
For both books, in fact.
So excited for the third! :D
Am I obsessed?

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