Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scary... I'm so thankful...

Today was a very interesting day. (You'll see in the next paragraph.)
I've been reading the book Yearbook, and i'm almost done!
That went by quickly.
But I haven't had much else to do, except read.
I like this book too, because it is not only written by a Mormon,
but it has some LDS characters in it!
Reading this, it brings up some certain topics that are nice to remember.
A little reminder inside all the entertainment. (:

Besides watching a new episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King,
My brother and sister, Cooper and Clara, and I went to Senor Sams...
Aaaanndd... Clarapassedoutinfrontoftherestaurant.
Okay, so Clara had been saying she was feeling weak and didn't feel very good.
She had sat down twice in the process of ordering.
Once we were on our way walking out the door, I thought she was okay,
but once we were out the door, Clara's feet started to buckle from underneath her, and she fell forward, falling onto the hood and windshield of a van that was parked there!
She had passed out, and Cooper was trying to hold her up.
Like "dead weight". Haha.
I didn't know what to do, but I was freaking out!
Thank goodness Cooper was there, or things could have been pretty bad.
Also, thank goodness that car was there right outside of the doorway.
Otherwise Clara would have fallen right onto the asphalt.
Talk about breaking something!
But I felt so blessed that we had the people we did, (Also, some ladies saw her pass out, and came running out of the restaurant to help) and that that car was where it was, and that it happened when it did.

And yes.. I did start crying and shaking from the whole shock of it.
And it looked much more "shock" worthy than it sounds, so I wasn't being TOO over dramatic.
Or at least, that's what I think.
But truth is, I am not very good under stressful or scary situations usually.
I freak out if I find a spider in the sink of the bathroom, for goodness sakes!
But... I had never seen anyone pass out before, and especially not ramming into the front of someones car.

As I had told Clara later in the day, "Every time I have a free moment where my mind is blank, that flash back always pops into my head."

But anyways.. Clara is fine. (:
She just busted her lip a little, and hit her knee.
Turns out she hadn't eaten nearly anything all day.
We ate afterwards while joking about it.
I like that about us kids.
We can just joke about it, and it's all okay again. (:

Tonight we watched Hairspray.
It had been a long time since I had seen it, so it was nice to watch it again.
I realized I really like that movie. It makes me laugh, and I LOVE the music in it.
Really talented people in that movie. (:
(Plus it helped take my mind off of things.)

Even though it would have been nice to not have Clara pass out today,
I realized everything is in a place for a reason, and happens for a reason.
I can really see that now, because Clara just came out with a minor cut and bruise. (:
Our Heavenly Father watches over us at all times.
I'm so grateful, and love Him.
And I know. He loves us. (:

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