Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love my family.

So, yesterday and today have been pretty much the same as the whole week has gone.
I've just been hanging around the house, watching TV, checking out Facebook.
I've also been re-reading this book I really like.
It's called The Iron King. It's part of an "Iron Fey Series". I really like it.
But I want to get the sequel to it, so I can read something new, but I guess it's good to re-read the first book to remember everything before starting the new one.

Yesterday my oldest sister, Lucy, texted "I love you!" just randomly during the day.
It made my day, just to hear a little something from her.
We got to talking, and it was nice just to chat for a while.
I don't really get to talk to her much, so it was nice. (:

Also, Tuesday, I was in the mood to clean the house a little. I was home alone, and just did my normal dishes and kitchen chore, but also did a lot more around the house.
It felt good.
So but yesterday, my dad invited me to lunch to Yummy Yans for all my hard work.
I was excited to go out and get out of the house on a nice little date with my dad. (:
The food was delicious and I enjoyed the company.

Today I woke up to wheels rolling on the hardwood floor hallway.
It was my moms suitcase. She was home!
So I got up and joined my sister who naturally was home also, to watch some TV.
And my mom was so sweet, she got me two gifts from her trip,
but apparently one of the gifts was a snow globe, and since they took their trip by plane, it had to be confiscated! Isn't that so sad and unfortunately mean!
Even though they couldn't help it and had to do their job.. it's seemed mean..
Anyways. I also got a really cute shirt. I was so thankful. (:

For a lot of today, I layed in bed reading.
And not only that faery book, but I decided to look at my little selection of books in my night stand.
I found one called Yearbook.
It's interesting so far. The author takes each character into one chapter at a time.
Sort of like reading 10 small books at once!
The goal is to show you the stories behind the pictures in the yearbook.
Very clever. (:

I realized I think I like to read because it is like having the adventure, romance, and courage I feel like I don't have. Along with other characteristics I wish I could develop. Like it can fill a hole that I can't fill right now on my own.
But don't think it's sad.
I don't necessarily need romance or adventure in my life, and I have enough courage to last me for now.
But in a world where you have the adventure of fighting iron dragons, and evil kings, you need more courage, and it may be easier to find romance. (:
So I read in order to find that different world, but then I can go right back to my wonderful life I have now. (:
It's a good mix.

Anyways.. sorry, this is a long entry.
But I had a lot to say.
I think the lesson of the day is that I love my life right now, with all my family and even though I like to read of all these crazier stories of other people's lives, I can know that mine is the best and all I need. (:

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  1. Love ya reading about your "life"!