Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm going to try this out.

Sooo... I'm not exactly sure how this whole blog thing works yet.. but I'm going to try it out.
Actually, to tell you the truth, I was really in the mood to type today for some reason, and since I had nothing to write about, I just went onto Word and started rambling about nothing.
At first, I was going to try and think of something to write about.. like a story.
Then I thought..
I always liked to read my sister, Lucy's blog, and I guess I decided I would 'copy' her, and make one myself.
And, here I am.
Plus, this week my mom and other sister went out of town for her graduation, so I thought might as well have something to do all day instead of sitting around watching TV and doing nothing.. (:
It was a great excuse to start.

Since yesterday was Sunday, I went to church with my family, then my sister and mom went to the airport a little after they got home and napped, so that left me and my dad at home.
We ate the dinner my mom made us before she left, then we decided we wanted to watch something on TV. But since on Sundays we like to keep the house in a mood to remember it's the sabbath, my dad always likes watching nature shows.
We flipped through the channels and found the Planet Green channel.
I had never heard of it before, or seen it.
It had an Extreme Hawaii show on at first, which was pretty interesting.
'Surfers' were trying to ride the huge white water waves of Hawaii..
but then a new show came on. It was about Yellowstone.
But not the human side of things, the wild. It was a huge documentary of the animals that live there.
It was so interesting and cool to watch.
I liked commenting on it with my dad, and seeing all of the wonderful animals and the way they interact with each other.
Plus it's in HD! How could it get any better??
It was nice. (:
But so this morning I couldn't sleep and got up at like.. 8:30 am, which is really early for me, considering I normally wake up at like.. 11:30-12:00 am.
But it felt good.
I just turned on the TV, and realized it was still on the same Planet Green channel, and figured, might as well watch and see what it's about.
It was first about the making of huge buildings in New York, then a new episode came on of the making of the Statue of Liberty. It was very interesting.
I didn't know she was made of Copper, so she had the color of a penny when first made, but as it sat under the sun, it turned green!
It was so interesting and I loved watching the process of it all.
So.. I realized I really like that channel. In fact, it's still on as I'm writing this. But... I think I'll watch this channel now if there's nothing recorded or on Disney channel. (:

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  1. what really!? thats why its green? who knew! thats pretty cool.

    im pretty excited to see the new blog!